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1and1Mail Awards & Recognitions 

1and1Mail Brothersoft Editor's Pick Award 1and1Mail SoftPedia 100% Clean Award 1and1Mail SoftSea 4-Star Rating 1and1Mail SoftSea 100% Clean Award
1and1Mail SOFT82 5-Star Rating 1and1Mail GearDownload 5-Star Rating 1and1Mail LiteFile 5-Star Rating 1and1Mail EuroDownload 5-Star Rating
Major Geeks 1and1Mail KINGDOWNLOADS 5-Star Rating  1and1Mail iVERTECH 5-Star Rating 1and1Mail 123FreeDownload 5-Star Rating
1and1Mail FDM 5-Star Rating 1and1Mail 5-Star Rating Programosy File Parade: Freeware and Trialware Downloads
1and1Mail Best Software 4 Download 5-Star Rating 1and1Mail Best Freeware Download 5-Star Rating 1and1Mail Best Vista Downloads 5-Star Rating 1and1Mail Windows 7 Download 5-Star Rating
1and1Mail SoftwareWagon 5-Star Rating 1and1Mail Download Typhoon 5-Star Rating 1and1Mail Rating 1and1 Mail - Award
1and1Mail Downloads Area 5-Star Rating 1and1Mail TopShareware 5-Star Rating 1and1Mail Download3000 5-Star Rating 1and1Mail 5-Star Rating
1and1Mail Award - Web Hosting Search 1and1Mail for Download 1and1Mail Award - FindmySoft 1and1Mail 5-Star Award - DownloadPipe
1and1Mail Award - Find Software 5 Star Rating 1and1Mail Award - myDownloadPlanet 4 Stars Award 1and1Mail Editor Review - Software Coupon Codes Directory 1and1Mail on Top 4 Download
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1and1Mail's History 

  • 2005-11 v1.0 - Launch the 1st version of 1and1Mail
  • 2008-01 v2.0 - Rework the entire user interface and algorithm
  • 2008-04 v2.1 - Add sending speed setting and improve sending mechanism
  • 2008-06 v2.2 - Add auto-fetching feature that can detect email addresses in browser window
  • 2008-11 v2.3 - Improve task status monitoring
  • 2009-03 v2.4 - Add support of HTML email template
  • 2009-04 v2.5 - Improve address book management
  • 2009-05 v2.6 - Remove ad banner in emails and supported import/export function
  • 2009-06 v2.7 - Add support of attachments and macro text customization
  • 2009-10 v2.8 - Improve search filter and email validity check
  • 2010-01 v2.9 - Add support of multi-thread sending and multi-tasking
  • 2010-08 v3.0 - Improve importing speed and address book management
  • 2011-03 v3.1 - Add support of Excel files and multi-national character sets
  • 2011-12 v3.2 - Add Auto IP Switcher and Multi Account Manager to boost email deliverability
  • 2012-04 v3.3 - Add more flexibility and improve user experience in sending mass emails
  • 2012-10 v3.4 - Add MIME feature and support replication of existing tasks
  • 2013-01 v3.5 - Support random delay between sending each email
  • 2013-03 v3.6 - Support using proxy IPs for SMTP servers
  • 2013-06 v3.7 - Support role-based password protection for email database
  • 2013-08 v3.8 - Support source code editing and opt-out link wizard
  • 2014-01 v3.9 - Support auto clean bounced and unsubscribes
  • 2014-06 v4.0 - Support open rate checking
  • 2014-08 v4.1 - New UI and support click rate checking
  • 2015-01 v4.2 - Set sending limit per hour and support IP location tracking
  • 2015-04 v4.3 - Support IP switching through router and enhance content spin through Macro
  • 2015-09 v4.5 - Added more beautiful email templates
  • 2016-02 v4.6 - Smart import and auto SMTP sever address setting
  • 2016-07 v4.7 - More powerful content spin and UI improvement
  • 2016-12 v4.8 - Optimize database and Address Book is 10x faster than before
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