1and1Mail 5.1 allows you to resume tasks easily

1and1Mail 5.1 can record when the sending progress and help you to resume the task easily after reboot or when the internet is back to normal.

New Features

  • Resume task where it stops last time
  • One click to remove failed accounts
  • Add links to solutions when the task stops
  • Auto resume task when the internet is unstable

Improved Features

  • Display threads status when a task is selected
  • Adjust color to better show task progress
  • Add tips when adding Macros
  • Auto backup images and attachments when a task is running so that all emails can go out as usual even when the files are deleted

Bug Fixes

  • Wrong number of emails during import
  • Fix memory error
  • Fix error when importing a large amount of emails

Please download 1and1Mail v5.1 here.

1and1Mail 5.0 adds more functionalities and flexibilities to Macro

Macros, a.k.a, dynamic texts/images or content spin, are the key to avoid being considered as spams in your email marketing campaigns. The better you make use of Macros to make each of your email look different, the better inbox placement rate you can achieve.

Therefore, in 1and1Mail 5.0, we focus on improving the functionalities and flexibilities of Macros:

New Features

  • Allow more customized fields in Address Book
  • Better experience in account testing
  • Avoid using the same IPs during IP switching


Improved Features

  • Improve saving speed of Macro
  • Can export full search results in Address Book
  • Limit the length of Macro (avoid memory overflow)
  • Support Tenda AC6 router in IP switching


Bug Fixes

  • Cannot minimize the software after waking from system tray
  • Error of “Already connected” during account testing
  • Error of “Method pasteHTML not supported by automation object” in html editing
  • Memory overflow when editing Macro
  • Mmeory overflow when moving emails between different groups

Please download 1and1Mail v5.0 here.

1and1Mail v4.9 supports Macro links and images

We heard from many users requesting features like inserting dynamic links and images in emails, auto resume tasks after rebooting computers and auto notifying system admin about task status. Now these features are all available in v4.9:

New Features

  • Support Macro link (can insert dynamic links and anchor text)
    Macro Links
  • Support Macro image (can insert dynamic images)
    Macro ImageInsert dynamic image
  • Support bcc an email to yourself at every 100 emails (so that you can tell if the task is still ongoing)
    Bcc emails to yourself
  • Resume task at a specific time of the day
  • Can set a ending time on each task (e.g. end at 2pm, or end after 3 hours)
    Set ending time
  • Randomize the sequence of recipients
    Randomize sequence of email recipients
  • Can export the whole Address Book

Improved Features

  • Optimize software launch speed
  • Can choose where to save the software data (Recommend to use D Drive)
  • Allow username to be IP address for Proxy IP setting
  • Detect if the data folder is writable during software launch
  • Show progress bar if the number of emails to be exported is > 10,000

Bug Fixes

  • Memory error when using Macro
  • No email template after installation
  • Error in loading email template
  • Invalid URL encode error
  • Cannot insert Unsubscribe link in Windows 10
  • Fail to import accounts

Please download 1and1Mail v4.9 here.

1and1Mail v4.8 optimizes the database and is 10x faster than before!

One of the biggest problem in 1and1Mail old version is that if you import 500K emails in a single file into the software, most likely, 1and1Mail will freeze and crash. It’s because 1and1Mail was using the outdated Microsoft Access database.

However, it is not the case any more! We have upgraded our database to the latest SQL version and can handle a huge list at a much faster speed!

Meanwhile, we also added other exciting features and fixed some minor bugs in v4.8. Let’s take a look.

New Features

  • Random Macro can be hidden
    Hide Random Text
  • Can check duplicate emails in the whole Address Book during import
    Check Duplicate Email during Import
  • Can show duplicate emails in the whole Address Book
    Show Duplicate Emails in Address Book
  • Can customize date and time format
    Customize Date and Time Format
  • Can clear all the emails in an Address Book or Address Group
    Delete all emails in the address book
  • Can support strings longer than 3000 characters


Improved Features

  • Optimize the database of Address Book. Speed has increased 10x for importing, deleting, copying and moving
  • Limit the minimize width of the columns in Address Book
  • Can see testing status of email accounts after export
  • Can disable duplicate email checking during import to increase import speed
  • Allow larger file import
  • Can show the current staus of the email account when the task is ongoing
  • Update error message list


Bug Fixes

  • Fail to export if the Address Book contains special characters
  • Wrong pagination after import
  • Fail to import emails with a single character before @
  • Fail to display the correct language

Please download 1and1Mail v4.8 here.

1and1Mail v4.7 support more powerful content spin through Macros

After 4-month effort, 1and1Mail 4.7 is now released. As we hear from many users that they do not want to spend too much time in making each email look different to avoid spamming, we design a more powerful Macro interface that help them to do it in a second. Also, we make a lot of improvements on the user interface so that it is more intuitive to first time users. Here are all the updates in version 4.7:

New Features

  • A standalone window for managing Macros

    Macro Manager for Content Spin to make each email look different
    Macro Manager for Content Spin
  • Random Macro: hands-free content spin
  • Synonym Macro: auto replace words with their synonyms

    Macro Manager for Content Spin to make each email look different
    Macro Manager for Content Spin
  • Email notification when the task ends
  • Start unfinished tasks automatically when 1and1Mail starts
  • Sort tasks in main window
  • Default format can be set to HTML or Text
  • Support time delay during router redial
  • Sending limits can be reset to 0 at a certain time

    Sending Policy Reset to 0 at a certain time
    Sending Policy Reset
  • Support domain name for router address

Improved Features

  • Relocate the Open/Click Tracking function checkbox
  • Relocate the IP Switching function menu

    1and1Mail IP Switching and Open/Click Tracking
    IP Switching and Open/Click Tracking
  • Remove server authentication checkbox
  • Support single quote in email address
  • Show the number of unsubscribed emails before the task starts
  • Show more tips in the Sending Policy window
  • Show the limitation more clearly in Free and Personal Edition
  • Log SMTP server connection failure
  • Multilanguage support in Macro
  • Detect empty lines in Macro
  • Support more router models in IP Switching

Bug Fixes

  • Fail to identify the valid PCs using 1and1Mail
  • Error message cannot be read
  • “Argument out of range” error
  • “Only one TidAntiFreeze can exist per application” error
  • “No Keyword” error
  • “\mainleft.html” error
  • “Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window” error
  • Conflict between 1and1Mail tracking system and other platforms
  • Cannot show the task status correctly

Download 1and1Mail for free now.


1and1Mail v4.6 support smart import of contact lists and auto SMTP server setting

1and1Mail v4.6 makes a lot of significant improvements based on user feedbacks:

New Features

  • Smart import of contact lists

    Smart Import of External Files into Address Book
    Smart Import of External Files into Address Book
  • Auto set SMTP server address
  • Auto save successful SMTP settings for future use
  • Auto update router support list
  • Cache oversize warning
  • Wizard to search for old data in previous version

    Wizard to Search for Old Data in Previous Version
    Wizard to Search for Old Data in Previous Version
  • Add image from URL


Improved Features

  • Address Book performance optimization

    Multi-page Display Helps Address Book Load Faster
    Multi-page Display Helps Address Book Load Faster
  • Bounced and unsubscribe email management
  • More router support
  • Support more email domain names
  • Auto delete invalid Macro in the email body
  • Show links to frequently used tutorials on left pane


Bug Fixes

  • Need to download reports several times
  • Cannot show task info
  • Memory error when exit the program
  • Cannot show local image if the path contains space

Download 1and1Mail for free now.

FAQ: MDAC Errors and Solutions

MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) is a Microsoft framework to access almost any data store. 1and1Mail adopts MDAC when accessing Address Book. If there is a problem with the MDAC on your PC, 1and1Mail cannot work properly.

1and1Mail will encounter the following erros when MDAC cannot function properly:

  • 1and1Mail cannot star
  • Show error “Cannot find module… “
  • Show error “Erro creating object.Please verify that the Microsoft Data Access Compinents 2.1(or later ) have been properly installed”
  • Show error “Cannot find the application. The application may not be installed correctly.”

How to fix MDAC problem:

  • Install Microsoft Access on your PC. All Access versions include MDAC.
  • Install MDAC updates.

1and1Mail v4.5 added more beautiful email templates

We added many beautiful email templates to download in v4.5. Lots of users are quite looking forward to this new feature. Now you can learn from the best email designers in the world and adapt those designs to your email campaigns. Check them out!

New Features

  • Added beautiful email templates to download
    1and1Mail Email Template Resources
  • Support IP switching through VPN
    1and1Mail IP Switching through VPN and Proxies
  • Support open/clicking tracking for Unsolicited Commercial Emails

Improved Features

  • More intuitive error notifications
  • UTF-8 support in emails and accounts export
  • Show part of the registration code in About page
  • Support HELO command (for advanced users)

Bug Fixes

  • Date/time error in open tracking
  • Memory errors
  • Cannot show reasons of sending failure after software reboot
  • Attachment lost in sending tasks

Download 1and1Mail v4.5 here.

Pop-up message: “The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot open the file ‘C:\Program Files(x86)\1and1Mail\tnedm.ado’. It is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need permission to view its data.”

Please follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

  1. Right click the 1and1Mail icon on your Desktop
  2. Select “Properties”
  3. Go to “Compatibility” tab.
  4. Select the last option “Run as an administrator”.

And then run 1and1Mail.


1and1Mail 4.3 supports advanced content spin and IP switching through router connection

New Features

  • Support IP switching through router reconnection
    IP switching through router reconnection
  • Support content spin through Macro in sender’s email, sender’s name, reply-to email and attachment
    1and1Mail Content Spin
  • Support multiple reply-to emails
  • Support using / in email address


Improved Features

  • Send error report to 1and1Mail
  • Improved sending policy setting during new account setup
  • Remove advanced settings which are no longer useful during account setup
  • Remind users to input password during account setup


Bug Fixes

  • Cannot click on links in preview mode
  • Cannot delete content in search box
  • Cannot replace [%Email] in href link
  • Only the 1st email shows images when testing with many email accounts
  • Cannot receive click data if URL is longer than 128 characters