Whether or not email marketing software can be installed and run on a thumb drive depends on the stability of the thumb drive. When the software is sending mass emails, it is usually reading and writing data to and from the thumb drive, although not very frequently. If something goes wrong with the thumb drive (access error, or the thumb drive is removed), the software may stop running and it may affect the email deliverability of your marketing campaign.

email marketing software on a thumb drive

Therefore, we suggest the following when you are running email marketing software on a thumb drive:

1. If the sending task can be finished within 30 minutes or the number of recipient is small, it is fine to run the software from a thumb drive. After all, the stability of the thumb drive is worse than hard disk, so it is better to keep the sending time short.

2. You can install the software on a thumb drive first, and copy the whole folder to the hard disk and run it from the hard disk. After sending out the email campaigns, you can copy the whole folder from the hard disk back to the thumb drive to ensure all data and records are stored in the same place.

Last but not least, if you are 1and1Mail Free Edition user, feel free to use the software anywhere you like. If you are 1and1Mail Personal and Business Edition user, 1 license only allows you to run the software on 1 PC.