1and1Mail 3.7 added password protection to safeguard your mailing list database

Office PCs sometimes are shared among different colleagues and your mailing lists stored inside any email marketing software on local PC are at risk. 1and1Mail 3.7 allows users to set role-based passwords to safeguard local email database. Customers can set Admin Password and User Password. With Admin Password, customers can access all functions and data in 1and1Mail. With User Password, customers can access all functions except exporting data.

Another important feature 1and1Mail 3.7 added is a reference table for error messages. Whevener you see any error messages when the task is being sent, 1and1Mail provides a hyperlink to the solution where you can find out the root cause and how to resolve the problem.

A detailed changelog is as below:

New Features

  • Role-based password protection (admin level & user level)
    Password Protection to Safeguard Email Database
  • Add quick reference to error messages to help email marketers find out the root cause
    Quick Reference to 1and1Mail Error Messages
  • Show hyperlink to solutions in the error message when testing account fails or testing email fails
    Hyperlink to Solutions
  • Add database tool to compress database, fix potential errors and accelerate loading software speed
    1and1Mail Database Tool
  • Support adjusting the sequence of address book and address group
    Adjust Sequence in 1and1Mail Address Book and Account Manager
  • Support adjusting the sequence of email accounts

Improved Features

  • Increase the allowed number of characters in search box
  • Increase the allowed number of characters in email field
  • Auto switch to HTML format when HTML content is being pasted
    Auto Switch to HTML Format in 1and1Mail
  • Improve description of functions

Bug Fixes

  • Fail to insert Macro text in email subject after switching to HTML format
  • Sending fails when an email account encounters any error
  • Fail to send emails through new created accounts

You can download 1and1Mail 3.7 Free Edition here.