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If implemented correctly, email blasting is the most powerful and has the highest ROI among all marketing channels. The first thing to do before you send out your email campaign is to select a healthy SMTP server to deliver emails. If you made a wrong move at this step, you would be risking your capital and the reputation of your company.

There are usually three types of email SMTP servers you can choose:

1. Partner Email SMTP Servers

These email service providers (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, AOL Mail, etc.) sign agreements that emails from each other's server will never be blocked and there is no limitation on the number of emails sent per day. The only limitation imposed is on the content of the email. Therefore, as long as you avoid using those spam keywords in your email, and do not send mass emails too fast, most of your emails will be delivered safely and accurately. By utilizing professional email marketing software, like 1and1Mail, you can get your job done very easily.

1and1Mail SMTP Server Setting

2. Email SMTP servers with healthy records

To ensure a SMTP server has a healthy record, there are three things to check. (1) The servers have fixed IPs and they are not in the blacklist of international anti-spam association. (2) The Reverse PTR Records are set correctly. (3) The settings on the SMTP servers are correct. Again, as long as you write good contents and control the speed of sending well with 1and1Mail, your IPs will not be blocked.

3. Unknown Email SMTP servers

These servers usually use dynamic IPs, do not have a correct DNS records or reverse PTR records, or are blacklisted by many well-known email service providers. Emails sent from these servers would be easily blocked or go into junk mail box.

To conclude, do some research on the email SMTP servers you are using. Moreover, do not be too aggressive when sending mass emails. Use them properly with professional email blasters to build up reputation of your domain and email account.

1and1Soft receives many email enquiries every day. Even for 1and1Mail Free Edition users, we still try to answer all of their questions and solve their technical problems. However, some emails do not clearly specify the situation they encounter, so there are lots of "Re:s" and "Fw:s" back and forth, causing the delay of the final solution.

Therefore, here we would like to propose a few things that would facilitate the communication:

1. 1and1Mail FAQ page is a good resource to find the quick solution. Customers are very welcome to check the page first.

2. 1and1Mail QuickStart Guide and Video Demo vividly demonstrate the important steps to set up accounts and start the first email campaign step by step. These instructions are very helpful for non-tech people to get started with the software.

3. When there is a need to send an email enquiry, it is highly recommended a screenshot of the situation you encounter can be included in the email. It can help 1and1Soft software team to identify the problem much faster.

4. If possible, also include the screenshot of the "Task Log" (right click the task and choose "Task Log", and capture the "Recipient" tab).

5. Tell us what type of email accounts you are using. Free email accounts (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, etc.), paid email accounts (e.g. GoDaddy) and company email accounts do vary a lot in the capabilities in sending mass emails.

6. Tell us your settings in 1and1Mail. What is the time lag / time interval? How many emails have you sent out per day?

Following the above instructions can help both of us solve the problem as quickly as possible and make your email marketing more efficient.

In 1and1Mail, there is a "email auto-fetching tool" under the "Tools" menu. When you browse the Internet and see some email addresses on some web pages that may fall into your target customer groups, it can help you easily and quickly enter the emails into 1and1Mail.

Here are the steps:

1. 1and1Mail -> Select "Tools" menu -> Click "Install email auto-fetching tool"

Email Auto-fetching Tool | 1and1Mail

2. 1and1Mail -> Open "Address Book -> Select an address group -> Click "New Address" -> Select the "Multiple Entries" tab -> Check "Get addresses from IE" (You must keep this window open for the whole email auto-fetching function to work properly!)

1and1Mail Address Book

3. Open IE, Firefox or Chrome -> Browse webpages that contain email addresses -> Right click the email address -> Select "Copy Email Address"

Get email addresses automatically

4. You will see a pop-up window from 1and1Mail indicating the the email address has been copied to 1and1Mail Address Book successfully.

1and1Mail Notice

PS: According to the CAN-SPAM Act, you should strictly observe the email opt-in procedure. 1and1Mail email auto-fetching tool can make your email marketing work more efficient, but it doesn't mean you can ignore the CAN-SPAM rules when sending mass emails.

Download 1and1Mail and get started with your first email marketing campaign in 10 minutes today!


Many large companies and small business owners host their websites and email accounts on GoDaddy servers. Therefore, email marketers also hope to send mass emails through Go Daddy email SMTP servers. This article introduces how to get the correct settings of GoDaddy SMTP server in your email marketing software.

1. In Go Daddy "My Account" Panel, click “Email

Godaddy My Account Panel


2. Find the the email account you want to send mass emails with. Click “Manage Account”.

Go Daddy Email Accounts


3. In the new window, click the Info Center icon of the email account you want to do mass mailing with.

GoDaddy Email Control Panel

4. In the next pop-up window, find the correct SMTP settings and port number of this email address. (Note: you can also find the daily sending quota of your email account on this page.)

Go Daddy Email InfoCenter


5. Input the settings above into your email marketing software. Here we use 1and1Mail screen as an example.

1and1Mail SMTP Server Settings

6. Click "Test Account" in 1and1Mail to see if the setting is correct.

1and1Mail Test Account

Now, you are ready to send out your first email marketing campaigns through GoDaddy email account with professional email marketing software.

Based on CAN-SPAM laws, it is required that email marketers should provide recipients an option to opt out or unsubscribe from the list. It is not only a matter of etiquette but also a matter of the law that you make this opt-out process as easy as possible.

If you are using email marketing software like 1and1Mail, there are 2 ways to automate this opt-out or unsubscribe process:

I. Insert an unsubscribe email link in each email. e.g. “To unsubscribe, please send an email to”. Check this unsubscribe email regularly and batch remove the unsubscribers from your address book.

In 1and1Mail Email Template Editor,

1. Click “Insert” menu and select “Link”.
2. Select “(other)” in Type.
3. Type “ unsubscribe me from your mailing list.” in URL.

1and1Mail HTML Editor

II. Insert an unsubscribe link in each email that direct the recipient to your website to complete the opt-out process. e.g. “To unsubscribe, please click” The landing page should be able to capture the link parameter and save the email address for further process.

In 1and1Mail Email Template Editor,

1. Click “Insert” menu and select “Link”.
2. Select “http:” in Type.
3. Type something like “[%Email]” in URL. ([%Email] is the Macro text that will be replaced by the real recipient’s email when the mass emails are sent out through 1and1Mail. When the recipient click this link, the landing page should be able to capture the “?unsubscribe=[%Email]” parameter.)

1and1Mail HTML Editor - Insert Link

It does take some effort to build the unsubscribe process at the beginning, but once it is set up, it saves you a lot of time in managing your email marketing campaigns.

Download 1and1Mail 3.2 to start automating your email marketing campaigns!

When you are sending mass emails with 1and1Mail, sometimes you will see a pop-up message saying "You have reached the daily sending limit. The limit may be imposed by your email service provider or your setting in 1and1Mail." This is usually caused by the following:

1. You have reached the maximum sending amount you have set in 1and1Mail. To increase the sending amount, go to Account Manager, double click the email account you are using, and adjust the number under Sending Policy tab of that account. (1and1Mail suggests you not send more than 100 emails per account in 24 hours.)

Maximum sending amount in 1and1Mail Account Manager

2. You have reached the daily sending limit imposed by your email service provider (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, GoDaddy, etc.). At this moment, your email accounts or IP addresses may be suspended and it will not be recovered until 24-48 hours later. You can verify this by viewing the Reports. If the last few emails cannot be sent successfully, it is most likely your email accounts are temporarily suspended.

Task log of 1and1Mail analytics report

To prevent this from happening in future, there are several things you can do:

  • Send emails to double opt-in contacts only, which means, you should always obtain your recipients' permission before sending mass emails. Unsolicited emails will get you a lot of spam complaints within a short period of time. If that happens, no matter what email clients or email accounts you use, they would be suspended very soon.
  • Mimic manual sending by generating random time lag and content spin. The main reason that your email service provider blocks you is because they think you are using a automatic mass mailer spamming thousands of people. With 1and1Mail, you can generate random time lag between sending each email, and also spin different sets of contents in the email subject, body and attachments. This way, you are like a real person manually sending each individual email that looks different to everyone, not a robot trying to spam the world.
  • Always remove bounced and unsubscribed from your contact list. Keeping sending to bounced and unsubscribed emails would lead to high bounce rate and spam complaints of your email campaign. Such behavior is harming the email ecosystem, thus, it will seriously lower your Sender Score. Therefore, constantly removing bounced and unsubscribed emails from your contact list is very important to your email deliverability and future revenue stream.
  • Use advanced SMTP servers (e.g. turboSMTP) with 1and1Mail. Advanced SMTP servers provide a guarantee on the number of emails you can send out per day or per month through their SMTP connections and high email deliverability.
  • Use proxy servers to manage multiple email accounts. Most email service providers set a daily limit on how many emails one can send per hour or per day (Regarding the daily sending limit and send rate of commonly used email accounts, please refer to here). If you want to go over the limit, you can use multiple email accounts with proxy servers in 1and1Mail.

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In 1and1Mail 3.2, we are going to launch a new feature called "Auto IP Switcher" that can change your IP address automatically when you are sending your mass email campaigns. Why do you need it? How does it work?

1. Why do you need "Auto IP Switcher" in your email marketing software?

"Auto IP Switcher" can help us send more emails using free email accounts, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and AOL Mail. But if you are using your corporate email accounts or paid email accounts, most likely you do not need this feature.

As we know, nowadays, most free email service providers have become very strict with mass mailing behaviors. None of them would like to become a victim of spammers. Therefore, they limit the daily sending limit of free email accounts in two ways:

(1) Daily quota of a single email account

On average, a single email account can send out 100 – 500 emails per day, depending on your account reputation with the service provider. To play safe, do not go over 100 per account per day, otherwise, your email account will be suspended soon. So, can I sign up multiple email accounts and send 100 × n emails per day? It depends on the following.

(2) Daily quota of multiple email accounts from a single IP address

To prevent you from sending mass mails by applying multiple email accounts, the service provider also sets a daily limit on number of emails from a single IP address. This is a very smart move because in most cases, one PC only has one IP over a certain period of time. It is difficult to send more emails with multiple email accounts under a single IP address.

2. How to get a new IP address to increase email deliverability?

The traditional way is: manually disconnect your Internet connection, and redial to reconnect.

In most cases, after you disconnect and redial, your PC  will be assigned a new IP address unless

(1) You connect to the Internet through a static IP.

(2) You connect to the Internet through a router. (You need to restart the router to get a new IP.)

(3) You connect to the Internet through the local network of your company or your school.

3. How to switch IP automatically in 1and1Mail?

To maximize the email deliverability, 1and1Mail uses a special way to do the IP switching. In 1and1Mail Personal Edition and Business Edition, you are allowed to add multiple email accounts from different email service providers, and also divide them into groups. 1and1Mail will change IP automatically based on groups, not based on a fixed time interval. Please follow the 3 steps as below:

Auto IP Switcher

(1) Enter your username and password in Redial Setting for Auto IP Switcher. (Tools -> Settings -> Auto IP Switcher)

(2) When you start the sending, 1and1Mail will select a certain number of email accounts from the same ESP (email service provider). For example, 2 email accounts from Gmail, 2 email accounts from Hotmail, 2 email accounts from Yahoo! Mail, 2 email accounts from AOL Mail. Since each of them are from different ESPs, it can fully take advantage of the power of a single IP address.

(3) 1and1Mail send mass emails out using the email addresses in Step 2 by turns. For example, send 20 emails through each email address. After it is finished, 1and1Mail automatically disconnect the Internet and redial to get a new IP, and then continue the sending through another group of new email addresses again.

1and1Mail 3.2 will be launched in Nov 2011. You can download the Free Edition it from here. But since 1and1Mail Free Edition only allows 1 email account, the Auto IP Switcher only makes sense in Personal and Business Edition.


Once your email reaches your customers' email inbox safely, 2 factors are critical for the open rate of your email marketing campaign:

1. Sender's Name: Do your recipients know you? Emails with a known sender would be much more likely to be opened. When customers signed up your email newsletter, have you made it clearly that from whom they were expecting to get an email?

2. Email Subject: If you were the customers, would you open it? Is it easy to understand? Is it attractive enough? It works much better if you could customize the email subject to each of your recipient. It makes people feel respected.

Go ahead and make changes, and you'll see your email campaign open rate improve!

Some email marketers may encounter IP banning when sending mass emails through 1and1Mail. Whether or not your IP will be blocked depends on the following things:

1. If you are using your company email accounts or paid email accounts to send mass mails, your email service provider will simply suspend your email account or SMTP connection. Your IP is safe in this case.

2. If you are using free email accounts from Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, or Hotmail, and using dynamic IP through dail-up. Your IP will be temporarily suspended, but it will be resumed soon, because the IP will be assigned to someone else next time.

3. If you are doing mass mailing through a static IP, it is very likely your IP will be suspended until you contact your ISP and explain the reason.

In 1and1Mail 3.2 (to be released at the end of Oct), the Auto IP Switcher feature can help avoid the above situations as much as possible and increase your email deliverability.

In permission-based email marketing, the Inbox Placement Rate (IPR) is a deliverability benchmark that is used to determine what percentage of emails arrive at the recipients' inbox. It is a key metric that email marketers focus on nowadays.

Every ISP keeps a record of your reputation score. Every time you send mass emails, your reputation score is recalculated based on the complaint rates, number of expired email addresses and unknown accounts in your email list. Once your reputation score drops below the threshold, your account or IP address will be suspended or blacklisted.

Therefore, after each email marketing campaign, remember to clean up your email list by examining the open rate, click rate and website activity of each email address.

Reputation, once ruined, is hard to rebuild!


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