1and1Mail 5.1 allows you to resume tasks easily

1and1Mail 5.1 can record when the sending progress and help you to resume the task easily after reboot or when the internet is back to normal.

New Features

  • Resume task where it stops last time
  • One click to remove failed accounts
  • Add links to solutions when the task stops
  • Auto resume task when the internet is unstable

Improved Features

  • Display threads status when a task is selected
  • Adjust color to better show task progress
  • Add tips when adding Macros
  • Auto backup images and attachments when a task is running so that all emails can go out as usual even when the files are deleted

Bug Fixes

  • Wrong number of emails during import
  • Fix memory error
  • Fix error when importing a large amount of emails

Please download 1and1Mail v5.1 here.

1and1Mail 3.5 is launched and can mimic manual sending

After 30-day testing, reviewing customer feedbacks and fixing minor bugs, 1and1Mail is upgraded to version 3.5. Here are the important updates and highlights in the new version:

New Features

  • Random delay between sending each email (Mimic sending emails manually)
    Random Send Delay
  • Switch freely between HTML and plain text when editing an email
  • Able to sort, adjust column width and position in send reports
  • Able to see all customized fields of Address Book in send reports
  • Able to export send reports
  • Add URLs to solutions when error messages show up

Improved Features

  • Add pop-up notification when "SMTP server needs authentication" is unchecked
  • Add error codes in send reports for debug purpose
  • Auto word wrap in plain text email

Bug Fixes

  • Emails cannot be sent and pop up "Can’t start tast with nil message"
  • Length of customized field is not long enough

The complete 1and1Mail changelog can be viewed here.

1and1Mail 3.4 is launched and added MIME feature

After 30-day testing, reviewing customer feedbacks and fixing minor bugs, 1and1Mail is upgraded to version 3.4. Here are the important updates and highlights in the new version:

New Features

  • Able to select each individual recipient in Address Book
    Select Individual Email in 1and1Mail
  • Able to change recipients in sent tasks
  • Able to customize the length of each field in Address Book
    Customize Fields
  • Able to compose MIME (HTML and plain text) in the same email
    Email MIME HTML and TXT format
  • Able to use other email accounts to send email when sending fails
    Sending Failure Resend
  • Able to replicate existing tasks
    Replicate Email Campaign
  • Able to batch export email accounts
  • Able to switch between Reports window and other windows

Improved Features

  • Display the description when mouseover an address group
  • The length of each customized field is increased to 100 bytes
  • Add scroll bar during email account and email addresses import
  • Auto adjust window size when starting a new task
  • Able to copy and export sending reports
    Export Email Sending Reports

Bug Fixes

  • Images cannot be shown if too many pictures are imported
  • Cannot exit when testing email accounts
  • Cannot export email accounts
  • Email testing errors

The complete 1and1Mail changelog can be viewed here.

How to Send as a Different Email Address in 1and1Mail?

To maximize the email deliverability of a mass mailer, many email marketers sign up for multiple email accounts in order to exceed the daily quota and send more emails per day. Oftentimes, they would like to customize the "Sender's Email" and make it look like all mails are sent from one account. 1and1Mail do offer such kind of functionality (Setting -> Default -> Sender's Email). However, nowadays, as more and more people misuse this feature to steal money in the guise of a legitimate and well-known company, many email service provider has disable this feature and would always show to the recipient the real email account that is sending the email.

The rise of phishing emails block the way of customizing your sender's address. What does a phishing email look like?

We’ve included an actual example below. The phishing email has been captured as an image, so hotlinks are disabled. In this attempt, cybercriminals were trying to get Shahin to enter his Facebook credentials, purportedly to register another address, so they could capture his real Facebook credentials and take over his account.

Description: C:\Documents and Settings\tdemay.CBCORP\Desktop\FB-phishing-scam.gif

Key email phishing tip offs:

·         The “From” field: always look at the actual “mail to” address shown in brackets. In the example, notice it is NOT an @facebook.com address.

·        Spelling Errors: Bad grammar and spelling can be immediate indicators of a phishing scam. Large companies have marketing teams and proofreaders that catch most of these errors before emails get sent.

·         The Hotlink: If you hover over the link shown in the body of the email, you can see where the URL will actually take you. In the example, notice it is NOT a facebook.com domain.

o   Some cybercriminals will go a step further to make their URL look ok at first glance.  For example, by registering a domain name called faceb00k.com (using zeros instead of the letter O).


FAQ: Norton Antivirus Reports 1and1Mail Has Security Risk

1and1Mail has been verified by 36 well-known antivirus software, including Kaspersky, McAfee, NOD32, Trend Micro, and BitDenfender, that it is free from any kind of virus (View Scan Report). However, Norton Antivirus may still report 1and1Mail is of some security risk and remove the installation file or execution file of 1and1Mail. It may be due to the following reasons:

1. 1and1Mail 3.3 is just released (in Mid May) and the file is very new.

2. 1and1Mail needs to connect to Internet to verify your SMTP server and send mass emails. Norton considers such kind of new program requesting Internet access as suspicious.

3. To prevent pirated version, 1and1Mail does reports your IP address and registration code to our server to verify your identity. It ensures you are using the genuine version of 1and1Mail and your money is spent at the right place. Norton may consider collecting such kind of user information as suspicious and remove the program.

Here are 4 simple steps to resolve the problem:

1. Right click the Norton system tray icon and select “View Recent History“.

2. Find the Quarantined 1and1Mail execution file or installation file (edm free.exe, edm personal.exe, edm business.exe, or edm ultimate.exe). Click “Restore & Options“.

3. Select “Restore & exclude this file”.

4. Click “Yes’


How to select a healthy SMTP server for your email marketing campaign?

If implemented correctly, email blasting is the most powerful and has the highest ROI among all marketing channels. The first thing to do before you send out your email campaign is to select a healthy SMTP server to deliver emails. If you made a wrong move at this step, you would be risking your capital and the reputation of your company.

There are usually three types of email SMTP servers you can choose:

1. Partner Email SMTP Servers

These email service providers (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, AOL Mail, etc.) sign agreements that emails from each other's server will never be blocked and there is no limitation on the number of emails sent per day. The only limitation imposed is on the content of the email. Therefore, as long as you avoid using those spam keywords in your email, and do not send mass emails too fast, most of your emails will be delivered safely and accurately. By utilizing professional email marketing software, like 1and1Mail, you can get your job done very easily.

1and1Mail SMTP Server Setting

2. Email SMTP servers with healthy records

To ensure a SMTP server has a healthy record, there are three things to check. (1) The servers have fixed IPs and they are not in the blacklist of international anti-spam association. (2) The Reverse PTR Records are set correctly. (3) The settings on the SMTP servers are correct. Again, as long as you write good contents and control the speed of sending well with 1and1Mail, your IPs will not be blocked.

3. Unknown Email SMTP servers

These servers usually use dynamic IPs, do not have a correct DNS records or reverse PTR records, or are blacklisted by many well-known email service providers. Emails sent from these servers would be easily blocked or go into junk mail box.

To conclude, do some research on the email SMTP servers you are using. Moreover, do not be too aggressive when sending mass emails. Use them properly with professional email blasters to build up reputation of your domain and email account.

How to send mass emails through GoDaddy email SMTP Server?

Many large companies and small business owners host their websites and email accounts on GoDaddy servers. Therefore, email marketers also hope to send mass emails through Go Daddy email SMTP servers. This article introduces how to get the correct settings of GoDaddy SMTP server in your email marketing software.

1. In Go Daddy "My Account" Panel, click “Email

Godaddy My Account Panel


2. Find the the email account you want to send mass emails with. Click “Manage Account”.

Go Daddy Email Accounts


3. In the new window, click the Info Center icon of the email account you want to do mass mailing with.

GoDaddy Email Control Panel

4. In the next pop-up window, find the correct SMTP settings and port number of this email address. (Note: you can also find the daily sending quota of your email account on this page.)

Go Daddy Email InfoCenter


5. Input the settings above into your email marketing software. Here we use 1and1Mail screen as an example.

1and1Mail SMTP Server Settings

6. Click "Test Account" in 1and1Mail to see if the setting is correct.

1and1Mail Test Account

Now, you are ready to send out your first email marketing campaigns through GoDaddy email account with professional email marketing software.