1and1Mail 5.0 adds more functionalities and flexibilities to Macro

Macros, a.k.a, dynamic texts/images or content spin, are the key to avoid being considered as spams in your email marketing campaigns. The better you make use of Macros to make each of your email look different, the better inbox placement rate you can achieve.

Therefore, in 1and1Mail 5.0, we focus on improving the functionalities and flexibilities of Macros:

New Features

  • Allow more customized fields in Address Book
  • Better experience in account testing
  • Avoid using the same IPs during IP switching


Improved Features

  • Improve saving speed of Macro
  • Can export full search results in Address Book
  • Limit the length of Macro (avoid memory overflow)
  • Support Tenda AC6 router in IP switching


Bug Fixes

  • Cannot minimize the software after waking from system tray
  • Error of “Already connected” during account testing
  • Error of “Method pasteHTML not supported by automation object” in html editing
  • Memory overflow when editing Macro
  • Mmeory overflow when moving emails between different groups

Please download 1and1Mail v5.0 here.

1and1Mail v4.7 support more powerful content spin through Macros

After 4-month effort, 1and1Mail 4.7 is now released. As we hear from many users that they do not want to spend too much time in making each email look different to avoid spamming, we design a more powerful Macro interface that help them to do it in a second. Also, we make a lot of improvements on the user interface so that it is more intuitive to first time users. Here are all the updates in version 4.7:

New Features

  • A standalone window for managing Macros

    Macro Manager for Content Spin to make each email look different
    Macro Manager for Content Spin
  • Random Macro: hands-free content spin
  • Synonym Macro: auto replace words with their synonyms

    Macro Manager for Content Spin to make each email look different
    Macro Manager for Content Spin
  • Email notification when the task ends
  • Start unfinished tasks automatically when 1and1Mail starts
  • Sort tasks in main window
  • Default format can be set to HTML or Text
  • Support time delay during router redial
  • Sending limits can be reset to 0 at a certain time

    Sending Policy Reset to 0 at a certain time
    Sending Policy Reset
  • Support domain name for router address

Improved Features

  • Relocate the Open/Click Tracking function checkbox
  • Relocate the IP Switching function menu

    1and1Mail IP Switching and Open/Click Tracking
    IP Switching and Open/Click Tracking
  • Remove server authentication checkbox
  • Support single quote in email address
  • Show the number of unsubscribed emails before the task starts
  • Show more tips in the Sending Policy window
  • Show the limitation more clearly in Free and Personal Edition
  • Log SMTP server connection failure
  • Multilanguage support in Macro
  • Detect empty lines in Macro
  • Support more router models in IP Switching

Bug Fixes

  • Fail to identify the valid PCs using 1and1Mail
  • Error message cannot be read
  • “Argument out of range” error
  • “Only one TidAntiFreeze can exist per application” error
  • “No Keyword” error
  • “\mainleft.html” error
  • “Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window” error
  • Conflict between 1and1Mail tracking system and other platforms
  • Cannot show the task status correctly

Download 1and1Mail for free now.


1and1Mail 4.3 supports advanced content spin and IP switching through router connection

New Features

  • Support IP switching through router reconnection
    IP switching through router reconnection
  • Support content spin through Macro in sender’s email, sender’s name, reply-to email and attachment
    1and1Mail Content Spin
  • Support multiple reply-to emails
  • Support using / in email address


Improved Features

  • Send error report to 1and1Mail
  • Improved sending policy setting during new account setup
  • Remove advanced settings which are no longer useful during account setup
  • Remind users to input password during account setup


Bug Fixes

  • Cannot click on links in preview mode
  • Cannot delete content in search box
  • Cannot replace [%Email] in href link
  • Only the 1st email shows images when testing with many email accounts
  • Cannot receive click data if URL is longer than 128 characters

1and1Mail 4.1 provides click reports for email marketers to analyze the effectiveness of email campaigns

We have made two significant enhancements in 1and1Mail 4.1.

1. Click report is provided: based on the feedbacks of 1and1Mail 4.0, we understand that open report is far from enough. To get a deeper understanding of clients and improve email marketing campaigns, click report is very crucial. Therefore, our engineers work day and night to make click tracking possible in 1and1Mail 4.1. Finally, users of 1and1Mail Business Edition or above can enjoy this premium features rarely available in other products!

2. Brand new UIs are added: You can change the theme as you like. Now 1and1Mail makes a better visual impression for those who care a lot about the software user interface. Hopefully, you'll be happy about this change.

Other enhancements include:

New Features

  • Spin email subject, body and attachments to make every email look different
  • Backup and recovery
  • Show/hide fields
  • Show total opens and total clicks in Address Book
  • Auto TLS: set up SMTP accounts easily

Improved Features

  • Clear upgrade notifications in Free Edition and Personal Edition
  • Faster when exit the program
  • Search string when editing HTML webpage
  • Pause task after 30 attempts
  • Support Socks5 proxy servers with username and password
  • Reduce temp file usage
  • Improve program exit speed
  • Batch delete in all Address Book
  • Remove auto detect of SMTP servers
  • Bug report to 1and1Mail server

Bug Fixes

  • Save same pics in two emails
  • Script error
  • Open rate checking error
  • Error coding in Chinese OS
  • Memory access error
  • Cannot change port number if SSL is selected in account setting
  • Cannot close test window when testing emails

You can download 1and1Mail 4.1 Free Edition here.


You can download 1and1Mail 4.0 Free Edition here.
You can download 1and1Mail 4.0 Free Edition here.