New Features

  • Support IP switching through router reconnection
    IP switching through router reconnection
  • Support content spin through Macro in sender’s email, sender’s name, reply-to email and attachment
    1and1Mail Content Spin
  • Support multiple reply-to emails
  • Support using / in email address


Improved Features

  • Send error report to 1and1Mail
  • Improved sending policy setting during new account setup
  • Remove advanced settings which are no longer useful during account setup
  • Remind users to input password during account setup


Bug Fixes

  • Cannot click on links in preview mode
  • Cannot delete content in search box
  • Cannot replace [%Email] in href link
  • Only the 1st email shows images when testing with many email accounts
  • Cannot receive click data if URL is longer than 128 characters

1and1Mail 3.6 was officially launched on Mar 31, 2013. Starting from version 3.2, 1and1Mail allows switching IPs automatically through auto redial of broadband networks. But after receiving a lot of customers feedbacks, we understood that it had a lot of weaknessnes. Firstly, most of customers are connecting to the internet through routers to bypass the tedious dial-up process. Therefore, 1and1Mail IP Switcher did not work for them. Secondly, after auto redial, it requires the customers' network to support DHCP in order to acquire a new IP address. Again, not all customers' network supports it.

Therefore, in 1and1Mail 3.6, we come up with an ideal solution: switching IPs through proxy servers. There are a lot of free and paid proxy servers on the internet that one can find by googling "proxy servers" or "proxy IPs". By utilizing these resources, email marketers can significantly increase their send quota within a short period of time.

For details on how to use IP Switcher, please read this.

Again, we still want to emphasize, a  healthy double opt-in list is the ultimate and long-term way to keep your email blasting going. Utilizing proxy servers for spamming will get yourself into the blacklist eventually.

Here are a list of the updates:

New Features

  • Support using proxy IPs for SMTP servers
    1and1Mail IP Switcher - Proxy Servers
  • Add sorting feature when selecting email recipients

Improved Features

  • Improve sorting feature in campaign reports
  • Clean campaign log data when the campaign is deleted to save space in database
  • Improve notifications when deleting email addresses and email groups
  • Show task status immediately when it is started.

Bug Fixes

  • Send emails to the same person multiple times
  • Sending fails when an email account encounters any error
  • Show half window in multiple screens

You can download 1and1Mail 3.6 Free Edition here.

Also, please expect version 3.7 soon which will focus on enhancing Address Book and Account security.


Based on CAN-SPAM laws, it is required that email marketers should provide recipients an option to opt out or unsubscribe from the list. It is not only a matter of etiquette but also a matter of the law that you make this opt-out process as easy as possible.

If you are using email marketing software like 1and1Mail, there are 2 ways to automate this opt-out or unsubscribe process:

I. Insert an unsubscribe email link in each email. e.g. “To unsubscribe, please send an email to”. Check this unsubscribe email regularly and batch remove the unsubscribers from your address book.

In 1and1Mail Email Template Editor,

1. Click “Insert” menu and select “Link”.
2. Select “(other)” in Type.
3. Type “ unsubscribe me from your mailing list.” in URL.

1and1Mail HTML Editor

II. Insert an unsubscribe link in each email that direct the recipient to your website to complete the opt-out process. e.g. “To unsubscribe, please click” The landing page should be able to capture the link parameter and save the email address for further process.

In 1and1Mail Email Template Editor,

1. Click “Insert” menu and select “Link”.
2. Select “http:” in Type.
3. Type something like “[%Email]” in URL. ([%Email] is the Macro text that will be replaced by the real recipient’s email when the mass emails are sent out through 1and1Mail. When the recipient click this link, the landing page should be able to capture the “?unsubscribe=[%Email]” parameter.)

1and1Mail HTML Editor - Insert Link

It does take some effort to build the unsubscribe process at the beginning, but once it is set up, it saves you a lot of time in managing your email marketing campaigns.

Download 1and1Mail 3.2 to start automating your email marketing campaigns!

Whether or not email marketing software can be installed and run on a thumb drive depends on the stability of the thumb drive. When the software is sending mass emails, it is usually reading and writing data to and from the thumb drive, although not very frequently. If something goes wrong with the thumb drive (access error, or the thumb drive is removed), the software may stop running and it may affect the email deliverability of your marketing campaign.

email marketing software on a thumb drive

Therefore, we suggest the following when you are running email marketing software on a thumb drive:

1. If the sending task can be finished within 30 minutes or the number of recipient is small, it is fine to run the software from a thumb drive. After all, the stability of the thumb drive is worse than hard disk, so it is better to keep the sending time short.

2. You can install the software on a thumb drive first, and copy the whole folder to the hard disk and run it from the hard disk. After sending out the email campaigns, you can copy the whole folder from the hard disk back to the thumb drive to ensure all data and records are stored in the same place.

Last but not least, if you are 1and1Mail Free Edition user, feel free to use the software anywhere you like. If you are 1and1Mail Personal and Business Edition user, 1 license only allows you to run the software on 1 PC.

Today 1and1Mail announced a major upgrade of its email marketing software for small and medium businesses. The upgrade includes a revolutionary new feature called Auto IP Switcher that increases email deliverability rate to a new level.

"In an email marketing campaign, Auto IP Switcher can increase the inbox placement rate by at least 30%," said Bill Graham, CEO of 1and1Soft. "It ensures your emails will be delivered accurately and safely to your clients' inbox."

Auto IP Switcher prevents sender's email accounts from being blacklisted and enables email marketers to send more emails out per day. It is most effective when working with multiple free email services, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and AOL Mail.

Multi Account Manager is another feature that differentiates 1and1Mail from other mass mailing software. Through accurate grouping and segmentation of sender's email accounts in Multi Account Manager, email marketers are able to better organize their marketing campaigns and reduce the risk of being considered as a spammer.

"Our goal is to minimize the marketing cost and maximize the email marketing efficiency for our clients. I believe the new version can significantly boost 1and1Mail's market share," Bill continues, "we roll out an upgrade every 3 months and each upgrade is based on hundreds of customer feedbacks and new feature requests. That's why we have been growing so fast."

New 1and1Mail Free Edition downloads can be found at

1and1Mail - Send mass emails

About 1and1Mail

1and1Mail is free email marketing software specifically designed for small and medium business worldwide to create, schedule and send personalized mass emails, manage email contacts and design email newsletters.

1and1Mail differentiates itself from other mass mailing software by offering unique features that can greatly boost your email deliverability and lower your email marketing cost. These features include Automatic IP Switcher, Multi-threaded Sending, Email Template Downloader and Multi Account Manager. With 1and1Mail, you are able to not only send more emails to your customers per day, but also build a better corporate image with professional and well-designed email templates.

In 1and1Mail 3.2, we are going to launch a new feature called "Auto IP Switcher" that can change your IP address automatically when you are sending your mass email campaigns. Why do you need it? How does it work?

1. Why do you need "Auto IP Switcher" in your email marketing software?

"Auto IP Switcher" can help us send more emails using free email accounts, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and AOL Mail. But if you are using your corporate email accounts or paid email accounts, most likely you do not need this feature.

As we know, nowadays, most free email service providers have become very strict with mass mailing behaviors. None of them would like to become a victim of spammers. Therefore, they limit the daily sending limit of free email accounts in two ways:

(1) Daily quota of a single email account

On average, a single email account can send out 100 – 500 emails per day, depending on your account reputation with the service provider. To play safe, do not go over 100 per account per day, otherwise, your email account will be suspended soon. So, can I sign up multiple email accounts and send 100 × n emails per day? It depends on the following.

(2) Daily quota of multiple email accounts from a single IP address

To prevent you from sending mass mails by applying multiple email accounts, the service provider also sets a daily limit on number of emails from a single IP address. This is a very smart move because in most cases, one PC only has one IP over a certain period of time. It is difficult to send more emails with multiple email accounts under a single IP address.

2. How to get a new IP address to increase email deliverability?

The traditional way is: manually disconnect your Internet connection, and redial to reconnect.

In most cases, after you disconnect and redial, your PC  will be assigned a new IP address unless

(1) You connect to the Internet through a static IP.

(2) You connect to the Internet through a router. (You need to restart the router to get a new IP.)

(3) You connect to the Internet through the local network of your company or your school.

3. How to switch IP automatically in 1and1Mail?

To maximize the email deliverability, 1and1Mail uses a special way to do the IP switching. In 1and1Mail Personal Edition and Business Edition, you are allowed to add multiple email accounts from different email service providers, and also divide them into groups. 1and1Mail will change IP automatically based on groups, not based on a fixed time interval. Please follow the 3 steps as below:

Auto IP Switcher

(1) Enter your username and password in Redial Setting for Auto IP Switcher. (Tools -> Settings -> Auto IP Switcher)

(2) When you start the sending, 1and1Mail will select a certain number of email accounts from the same ESP (email service provider). For example, 2 email accounts from Gmail, 2 email accounts from Hotmail, 2 email accounts from Yahoo! Mail, 2 email accounts from AOL Mail. Since each of them are from different ESPs, it can fully take advantage of the power of a single IP address.

(3) 1and1Mail send mass emails out using the email addresses in Step 2 by turns. For example, send 20 emails through each email address. After it is finished, 1and1Mail automatically disconnect the Internet and redial to get a new IP, and then continue the sending through another group of new email addresses again.

1and1Mail 3.2 will be launched in Nov 2011. You can download the Free Edition it from here. But since 1and1Mail Free Edition only allows 1 email account, the Auto IP Switcher only makes sense in Personal and Business Edition.


How to Spread Ideas

Go Viral or Go Home

Writing a message that doesn't spread is a waste of others' time and a waste of your life.Ideas that spread win!

After working in the Internet marketing field for more than five years and creating numerous successful marketing campaigns, here I am going to summarize the key elements that I have used every time to make a message spread out like a virus. Some examples are supplemented to help you understand each element more deeply and see how others apply them in real life.

Let's see how to go viral now!

1. Surprise

The message you want to spread has to be logical and reasonable, but somewhat beyond people's expectation. More importantly, you'd better do this in the title of your message.

Example: Remember the news "Steve Jobs has just six weeks to live"? It is common for a person to go to hospital and in fact Steve went to hospital many times. So what's surprising? It's "six weeks to live".

Question for you: What surprise in the message do I have for my clients?

2. Simple

Nowadays, people are overloaded with information. If you want your idea to get inside people's head, make it simple! The most effective way is to create a visual image for your idea, at least subconsciously. A picture is worth a thousand words.PS: If your idea is too long and complicated, make sure you divide it into pieces and spread it one by one.

PPS: Make a video whenever possible.

Example: Remember the story that the average person consumes 4 spiders per year in his sleep? Can you picturize a spider slowly crawling into your mouth in your head? Yes, you got it!

Question for you: Can my clients see pictures in my message?

3. Emotion

People's emotional brain (right brain) always works faster than the logical brain (left brain).If you count the news in the past few weeks, you will notice that bad news has occupied most of the columns, such as wars, murders, diseases, car accidents and natural disasters. Why? It is because bad news triggers the No.1 emotion in a human's head: fear. Fear attracts the most attention and calls for action.

When people spread your message, they either want to ask others for more information, or just want to seek for calmness through simple sharing.

Example: Still remember the spider?

Question for you: Any emotion you can embed into your message?

4. Jealousy

Jealousy is a very complicated human emotion. I specifically emphasize it here because it works quite well on people's subconscious mind. It is just so difficult for a person to admit that he takes the action because he is jealous of something.The resource is always limited on the planet. The fact that you get it indicates I lose it, in a sense. And lacking resource is a life-or-death issue.

Example: Remember the news of someone winning the lottery? Remember the news that some movie star had slept with several women? Remember the story that a simple business model made several millions of dollars per month?

Question for you: How could you create a sense of competition in your message?

5. Authority

This is the most critical factor why your audience has to listen to you, not others. Biologically, people were born to listen to authority because the world is full of uncertainties and the authority creates a sense of safety for us.

Example: No offence, but Made in Germany and Made in China, which do you trust more?

Question for you: How can I prove to my audience that I am authorized to talk about my idea?

6. Repetition

Something unfamiliar or unknown indicates danger. When it is repeated many times, it gets familiar to you and it creates a sense of safety in your head, unconsciously. Safety is a good thing.

Example: Why ads are repeated again and again on TV even though you hate them? Why an awful song starts to sound familiar and nice to you when you hear it everywhere? Why people fall in love with someone even though they do not have feeling for each other at the first sight?

Question for you: How can I show up in front of my customers more often?

7. Timing

When you read the headline news every morning, pause and think for a few seconds. It may be your chance.Try to relate your products to something popular recently. People are eager to read and spread everything related to it.

Example: Prince William's royal wedding boosted the sales of everything in the wedding industry, such as wedding dresses, rings, matchmaking services and divorce lawsuits. Anything else you can think of?

Question for you: What's today's news? How can I relate my ideas/products to the news?

8. Time

The longer a fact exists in our head, the harder it is to deny it. When the fact is proven to be false, people would fight to defend it, because the fact has become part of our belief, and we live upon such belief to survive in the world.

Example: In China, a majority of grown-ups still believe the Great Wall is the only construction humans can see through eyes from the universe. In United States, today most people still believe Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction.

Question for you: How can I get my words out as early as possible?

Recommended Tool

Now you understand the key elements of how to spread ideas. You can actually apply them everywhere in life, through word-of-mouth, social media and emails.I use emails more often. Nowadays, people still allocate a specific amount of time every day scanning and replying emails, during which, they are more focused and willing to accept new things when they see something interesting or beyond their expectation. Therefore, apply the above-mentioned elements in your next emails today and see how viral they go!

Last but not least, you may need some powerful email blasting tools to assist you in spreading ideas. Using professional email marketing software ensure the deliverability of your email campaigns and you can personalize every email for each of your customers.

Easy-to-use free email marketing software, perfect for small businesses. It allows you to create, schedule and send personalized mass email campaigns, manage email lists and design email newsletters. 1and1Mail Personal Edition allows you to send mass emails to 1,000 persons per batch, and it is so far the most affordable email marketing software that I can find in the market.

Original Post:

1and1Mail 3.0 is released on Aug. 2, 2010. Here are the updates and bug fixes to the new version.

  • Enhanced multiple account management (search function, sorting, etc.)
  • Added support for customized fields
  • Added support for reply-to address (optimized for Personal Edition and Business Edition)
  • Enhanced text editor
  • Added support for auto detect of email SMTP servers
  • Added support for sending failure management (timeout, further attempts, pause, etc.)
  • Display welcome window during startup
  • Optimized email address importing speed (20 times faster!)
  • Optimized startup speed
  • Added support for emails that contain images only
  • Enhanced email address verification
  • Some bug fixing

Please download it here.

1and1Mail 2.9 is released on Jan. 12, 2010. Here are the updates and bug fixes to the new version.

  • Added support for setting limit on the number of emails sent out per day in each account (if you send out too many emails in a short time, your email account will get suspended very soon!)
  • Enhanced multi-thread sending (optimized for Personal Edition and Business Edition)
  • Added support for scheduling each of your email campaigns
  • Added support of webpage sending
  • Added support of selecting a default account
  • Added support of sending test emails
  • Enhanced system tray feature
  • Added support for EML files (better integration with Outlook, Thunderbird, Foxmail)
  • Added default policy for new users
  • Enhanced HTML editor
  • Added support for email account
  • Some bug fixing

Please download it here.

1and1Mail 2.8 is released on Oct. 19, 2009. Here are the updates and bug fixes to the new version.

  • Added tooltips in user interface for important steps
  • Enhanced task management
  • Added support of TXT and HTML email templates
  • Added batch delete feature in Address Book
  • Enhanced search feature in Address Book
  • Added Ungrouped in Address Book
  • Disabled modification on address books when sending task is under progress
  • Added registration mechanism (Personal Edition and Business Edition must be registered first)

Please download it here.

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