Sometimes, you will encounter a pop-up message “Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed” when you import .xlsx file (Excel 2007, or Excel 2010) into 1and1Mail Address Book or Multi Account Manager.

Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed



Your OS does not have the library to decode .xslx file.


1. Install the new Microsoft library (Data Connectivity Components) from

2. Save your .xlsx file as .xls file (Excel 97 – 2003 format) and then import the .xls file.

3. Save your .xlsx file as .csv file, and then import the .csv file.

After 30-day testing and receiving a few customer feedbacks, 1and1Mail is upgraded to version 3.24 and fixed a few bugs, especially in multi-threaded sending and multi account management.

Here are the details:

  • Added notification pop-ups when a task is ended
  • Bug fix: failed to send mass emails
  • Bug fix: account assignment error in multi-thread sending
  • Bug fix: failed to save account in new account group
  • Bug fix: failed to resend unfinsihed emails
  • Bug fix: HTML editor error in Win 7 64-bit
  • Bug fix: failed to display account assignment correctly in multi-thread sending

The complete 1and1Mail changelog can be viewed here.

Today 1and1Mail announced a major upgrade of its email marketing software for small and medium businesses. The upgrade includes a revolutionary new feature called Auto IP Switcher that increases email deliverability rate to a new level.

"In an email marketing campaign, Auto IP Switcher can increase the inbox placement rate by at least 30%," said Bill Graham, CEO of 1and1Soft. "It ensures your emails will be delivered accurately and safely to your clients' inbox."

Auto IP Switcher prevents sender's email accounts from being blacklisted and enables email marketers to send more emails out per day. It is most effective when working with multiple free email services, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and AOL Mail.

Multi Account Manager is another feature that differentiates 1and1Mail from other mass mailing software. Through accurate grouping and segmentation of sender's email accounts in Multi Account Manager, email marketers are able to better organize their marketing campaigns and reduce the risk of being considered as a spammer.

"Our goal is to minimize the marketing cost and maximize the email marketing efficiency for our clients. I believe the new version can significantly boost 1and1Mail's market share," Bill continues, "we roll out an upgrade every 3 months and each upgrade is based on hundreds of customer feedbacks and new feature requests. That's why we have been growing so fast."

New 1and1Mail Free Edition downloads can be found at

1and1Mail - Send mass emails

About 1and1Mail

1and1Mail is free email marketing software specifically designed for small and medium business worldwide to create, schedule and send personalized mass emails, manage email contacts and design email newsletters.

1and1Mail differentiates itself from other mass mailing software by offering unique features that can greatly boost your email deliverability and lower your email marketing cost. These features include Automatic IP Switcher, Multi-threaded Sending, Email Template Downloader and Multi Account Manager. With 1and1Mail, you are able to not only send more emails to your customers per day, but also build a better corporate image with professional and well-designed email templates.

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