1and1Mail 5.1 allows you to resume tasks easily

1and1Mail 5.1 can record when the sending progress and help you to resume the task easily after reboot or when the internet is back to normal.

New Features

  • Resume task where it stops last time
  • One click to remove failed accounts
  • Add links to solutions when the task stops
  • Auto resume task when the internet is unstable

Improved Features

  • Display threads status when a task is selected
  • Adjust color to better show task progress
  • Add tips when adding Macros
  • Auto backup images and attachments when a task is running so that all emails can go out as usual even when the files are deleted

Bug Fixes

  • Wrong number of emails during import
  • Fix memory error
  • Fix error when importing a large amount of emails

Please download 1and1Mail v5.1 here.

1and1Mail 4.1 provides click reports for email marketers to analyze the effectiveness of email campaigns

We have made two significant enhancements in 1and1Mail 4.1.

1. Click report is provided: based on the feedbacks of 1and1Mail 4.0, we understand that open report is far from enough. To get a deeper understanding of clients and improve email marketing campaigns, click report is very crucial. Therefore, our engineers work day and night to make click tracking possible in 1and1Mail 4.1. Finally, users of 1and1Mail Business Edition or above can enjoy this premium features rarely available in other products!

2. Brand new UIs are added: You can change the theme as you like. Now 1and1Mail makes a better visual impression for those who care a lot about the software user interface. Hopefully, you'll be happy about this change.

Other enhancements include:

New Features

  • Spin email subject, body and attachments to make every email look different
  • Backup and recovery
  • Show/hide fields
  • Show total opens and total clicks in Address Book
  • Auto TLS: set up SMTP accounts easily

Improved Features

  • Clear upgrade notifications in Free Edition and Personal Edition
  • Faster when exit the program
  • Search string when editing HTML webpage
  • Pause task after 30 attempts
  • Support Socks5 proxy servers with username and password
  • Reduce temp file usage
  • Improve program exit speed
  • Batch delete in all Address Book
  • Remove auto detect of SMTP servers
  • Bug report to 1and1Mail server

Bug Fixes

  • Save same pics in two emails
  • Script error
  • Open rate checking error
  • Error coding in Chinese OS
  • Memory access error
  • Cannot change port number if SSL is selected in account setting
  • Cannot close test window when testing emails

You can download 1and1Mail 4.1 Free Edition here.


You can download 1and1Mail 4.0 Free Edition here.
You can download 1and1Mail 4.0 Free Edition here.

1and1Mail 4.0 allows email marketers to track open rates in email campaigns

Email marketers are always facing the problems of reporting to their bosses of how effective the email campaigns are and how to improve their campaigns based on statistics.

1and1Mail 4.0 adds the open rate tracking feature which helps email marketers to understand their customers and boost sales quickly based on facts.

The feature is available in 1and1Mail Business Edition or above.

Here is an overview of how the open tracking works:

Other enhancements include:

New Features

  • Manual IP switching: adds more flexibility to Auto IP Switcher
  • Batch edit account properties

Improved Features

  • Verify if macro ID is correct before sending
  • Check recipients and attachments before sending
  • Display numbers of emails in Address Book

Bug Fixes

  • Cannot start a new task if HTML format is selected before recipients
  • Error logs are wrong
  • Double quotes are shown when adding unsubscribe links

You can download 1and1Mail 4.0 Free Edition here.

1and1Mail 3.9 can auto remove bounced and unsubscribed emails

Two important functions have been added to 1and1Mail v3.9:

1. Automatically remove bounced and unsubscribed emails from your mailing list:

2. Support content spin and make every of your emails look different:


Other enhancements include:

1. Support HTML and plain text edit in Email Template

2. Fine-tune the text field length

3. Prompt notification when the username is different from email address when setting up SMTP server

4. Support single quote in contact information


1and1Mail 3.7 added password protection to safeguard your mailing list database

Office PCs sometimes are shared among different colleagues and your mailing lists stored inside any email marketing software on local PC are at risk. 1and1Mail 3.7 allows users to set role-based passwords to safeguard local email database. Customers can set Admin Password and User Password. With Admin Password, customers can access all functions and data in 1and1Mail. With User Password, customers can access all functions except exporting data.

Another important feature 1and1Mail 3.7 added is a reference table for error messages. Whevener you see any error messages when the task is being sent, 1and1Mail provides a hyperlink to the solution where you can find out the root cause and how to resolve the problem.

A detailed changelog is as below:

New Features

  • Role-based password protection (admin level & user level)
    Password Protection to Safeguard Email Database
  • Add quick reference to error messages to help email marketers find out the root cause
    Quick Reference to 1and1Mail Error Messages
  • Show hyperlink to solutions in the error message when testing account fails or testing email fails
    Hyperlink to Solutions
  • Add database tool to compress database, fix potential errors and accelerate loading software speed
    1and1Mail Database Tool
  • Support adjusting the sequence of address book and address group
    Adjust Sequence in 1and1Mail Address Book and Account Manager
  • Support adjusting the sequence of email accounts

Improved Features

  • Increase the allowed number of characters in search box
  • Increase the allowed number of characters in email field
  • Auto switch to HTML format when HTML content is being pasted
    Auto Switch to HTML Format in 1and1Mail
  • Improve description of functions

Bug Fixes

  • Fail to insert Macro text in email subject after switching to HTML format
  • Sending fails when an email account encounters any error
  • Fail to send emails through new created accounts

You can download 1and1Mail 3.7 Free Edition here.

1and1Mail 3.6 now supports switching IPs through proxy servers

1and1Mail 3.6 was officially launched on Mar 31, 2013. Starting from version 3.2, 1and1Mail allows switching IPs automatically through auto redial of broadband networks. But after receiving a lot of customers feedbacks, we understood that it had a lot of weaknessnes. Firstly, most of customers are connecting to the internet through routers to bypass the tedious dial-up process. Therefore, 1and1Mail IP Switcher did not work for them. Secondly, after auto redial, it requires the customers' network to support DHCP in order to acquire a new IP address. Again, not all customers' network supports it.

Therefore, in 1and1Mail 3.6, we come up with an ideal solution: switching IPs through proxy servers. There are a lot of free and paid proxy servers on the internet that one can find by googling "proxy servers" or "proxy IPs". By utilizing these resources, email marketers can significantly increase their send quota within a short period of time.

For details on how to use IP Switcher, please read this.

Again, we still want to emphasize, a  healthy double opt-in list is the ultimate and long-term way to keep your email blasting going. Utilizing proxy servers for spamming will get yourself into the blacklist eventually.

Here are a list of the updates:

New Features

  • Support using proxy IPs for SMTP servers
    1and1Mail IP Switcher - Proxy Servers
  • Add sorting feature when selecting email recipients

Improved Features

  • Improve sorting feature in campaign reports
  • Clean campaign log data when the campaign is deleted to save space in database
  • Improve notifications when deleting email addresses and email groups
  • Show task status immediately when it is started.

Bug Fixes

  • Send emails to the same person multiple times
  • Sending fails when an email account encounters any error
  • Show half window in multiple screens

You can download 1and1Mail 3.6 Free Edition here.

Also, please expect version 3.7 soon which will focus on enhancing Address Book and Account security.


1and1Mail 3.5 is launched and can mimic manual sending

After 30-day testing, reviewing customer feedbacks and fixing minor bugs, 1and1Mail is upgraded to version 3.5. Here are the important updates and highlights in the new version:

New Features

  • Random delay between sending each email (Mimic sending emails manually)
    Random Send Delay
  • Switch freely between HTML and plain text when editing an email
  • Able to sort, adjust column width and position in send reports
  • Able to see all customized fields of Address Book in send reports
  • Able to export send reports
  • Add URLs to solutions when error messages show up

Improved Features

  • Add pop-up notification when "SMTP server needs authentication" is unchecked
  • Add error codes in send reports for debug purpose
  • Auto word wrap in plain text email

Bug Fixes

  • Emails cannot be sent and pop up "Can’t start tast with nil message"
  • Length of customized field is not long enough

The complete 1and1Mail changelog can be viewed here.

1and1Mail 3.4 is launched and added MIME feature

After 30-day testing, reviewing customer feedbacks and fixing minor bugs, 1and1Mail is upgraded to version 3.4. Here are the important updates and highlights in the new version:

New Features

  • Able to select each individual recipient in Address Book
    Select Individual Email in 1and1Mail
  • Able to change recipients in sent tasks
  • Able to customize the length of each field in Address Book
    Customize Fields
  • Able to compose MIME (HTML and plain text) in the same email
    Email MIME HTML and TXT format
  • Able to use other email accounts to send email when sending fails
    Sending Failure Resend
  • Able to replicate existing tasks
    Replicate Email Campaign
  • Able to batch export email accounts
  • Able to switch between Reports window and other windows

Improved Features

  • Display the description when mouseover an address group
  • The length of each customized field is increased to 100 bytes
  • Add scroll bar during email account and email addresses import
  • Auto adjust window size when starting a new task
  • Able to copy and export sending reports
    Export Email Sending Reports

Bug Fixes

  • Images cannot be shown if too many pictures are imported
  • Cannot exit when testing email accounts
  • Cannot export email accounts
  • Email testing errors

The complete 1and1Mail changelog can be viewed here.

New Version: 1and1Mail 3.3 has been Released

After a major feature upgrade in 1and1Mail 3.2, 1and1Soft has received hundreds of feedbacks from our customers. In the past few weeks, we have been working very hard resolving bugs and usability issues. Here are the major updates in 1and1Mail 3.3:

1and1Mail Version 3.3

New Improvements:

  • Detect and show duplicate accounts in Multi Account Manager
  • Add option to validate email addresses during import
  • Add option to check duplicate emails during import
  • Add window management to easily switch between existing tasks
  • Support downloading webpages that are redirected to other URLs
  • Show real-time past 24-hour send volume in task management window
  • Automatically reset send volume after 24 hours

Bug Fixes:

  • Crash fix on multi-thread tasks
  • Bug fix: original email template is duplicated after saving as another file
  • Bug fix: some local image files cannot be loaded
  • Bug fix: image cannot be displayed correctly after broken links
  • Bug fix: lost multi-threads status information
  • Bug fix: fail to show Excel file header during import
  • Bug fix: draft cannot be sent

1and1Mail Free Edition 3.3 can be downloaded here: http://www.yetesoft.com/download/. For customers who have purchased 1and1Mail Ultimate Edition will enjoy our lifetime free upgrade service and will receive the new version within 7 business days.