1and1Mail v4.7 support more powerful content spin through Macros

After 4-month effort, 1and1Mail 4.7 is now released. As we hear from many users that they do not want to spend too much time in making each email look different to avoid spamming, we design a more powerful Macro interface that help them to do it in a second. Also, we make a lot of improvements on the user interface so that it is more intuitive to first time users. Here are all the updates in version 4.7:

New Features

  • A standalone window for managing Macros

    Macro Manager for Content Spin to make each email look different
    Macro Manager for Content Spin
  • Random Macro: hands-free content spin
  • Synonym Macro: auto replace words with their synonyms

    Macro Manager for Content Spin to make each email look different
    Macro Manager for Content Spin
  • Email notification when the task ends
  • Start unfinished tasks automatically when 1and1Mail starts
  • Sort tasks in main window
  • Default format can be set to HTML or Text
  • Support time delay during router redial
  • Sending limits can be reset to 0 at a certain time

    Sending Policy Reset to 0 at a certain time
    Sending Policy Reset
  • Support domain name for router address

Improved Features

  • Relocate the Open/Click Tracking function checkbox
  • Relocate the IP Switching function menu

    1and1Mail IP Switching and Open/Click Tracking
    IP Switching and Open/Click Tracking
  • Remove server authentication checkbox
  • Support single quote in email address
  • Show the number of unsubscribed emails before the task starts
  • Show more tips in the Sending Policy window
  • Show the limitation more clearly in Free and Personal Edition
  • Log SMTP server connection failure
  • Multilanguage support in Macro
  • Detect empty lines in Macro
  • Support more router models in IP Switching

Bug Fixes

  • Fail to identify the valid PCs using 1and1Mail
  • Error message cannot be read
  • “Argument out of range” error
  • “Only one TidAntiFreeze can exist per application” error
  • “No Keyword” error
  • “\mainleft.html” error
  • “Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window” error
  • Conflict between 1and1Mail tracking system and other platforms
  • Cannot show the task status correctly

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1and1Mail 3.5 is launched and can mimic manual sending

After 30-day testing, reviewing customer feedbacks and fixing minor bugs, 1and1Mail is upgraded to version 3.5. Here are the important updates and highlights in the new version:

New Features

  • Random delay between sending each email (Mimic sending emails manually)
    Random Send Delay
  • Switch freely between HTML and plain text when editing an email
  • Able to sort, adjust column width and position in send reports
  • Able to see all customized fields of Address Book in send reports
  • Able to export send reports
  • Add URLs to solutions when error messages show up

Improved Features

  • Add pop-up notification when "SMTP server needs authentication" is unchecked
  • Add error codes in send reports for debug purpose
  • Auto word wrap in plain text email

Bug Fixes

  • Emails cannot be sent and pop up "Can’t start tast with nil message"
  • Length of customized field is not long enough

The complete 1and1Mail changelog can be viewed here.

How to write a good email enquiry?

1and1Soft receives many email enquiries every day. Even for 1and1Mail Free Edition users, we still try to answer all of their questions and solve their technical problems. However, some emails do not clearly specify the situation they encounter, so there are lots of "Re:s" and "Fw:s" back and forth, causing the delay of the final solution.

Therefore, here we would like to propose a few things that would facilitate the communication:

1. 1and1Mail FAQ page is a good resource to find the quick solution. Customers are very welcome to check the page first.

2. 1and1Mail QuickStart Guide and Video Demo vividly demonstrate the important steps to set up accounts and start the first email campaign step by step. These instructions are very helpful for non-tech people to get started with the software.

3. When there is a need to send an email enquiry, it is highly recommended a screenshot of the situation you encounter can be included in the email. It can help 1and1Soft software team to identify the problem much faster.

4. If possible, also include the screenshot of the "Task Log" (right click the task and choose "Task Log", and capture the "Recipient" tab).

5. Tell us what type of email accounts you are using. Free email accounts (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, etc.), paid email accounts (e.g. GoDaddy) and company email accounts do vary a lot in the capabilities in sending mass emails.

6. Tell us your settings in 1and1Mail. What is the time lag / time interval? How many emails have you sent out per day?

Following the above instructions can help both of us solve the problem as quickly as possible and make your email marketing more efficient.