Two important functions have been added to 1and1Mail v3.9:

1. Automatically remove bounced and unsubscribed emails from your mailing list:

2. Support content spin and make every of your emails look different:


Other enhancements include:

1. Support HTML and plain text edit in Email Template

2. Fine-tune the text field length

3. Prompt notification when the username is different from email address when setting up SMTP server

4. Support single quote in contact information


Professors always say in computer science class, if you want to learn programming well, use a text editor to write codes! Without any auto correction or auto completion function of IDE, students can practice every detail in programming and learn the real skills. 1and1Mail now supports source code editing for computer geeks!

Also, email marketers often complain on-premises software cannot handle opt-out process well. Now 1and1Mail adds an unsubscribe link wizard to help all email marketers add opt-out link in mass emails easily. Your recipients can simply click the link and the unsubscribe email is automatically composed. With a single click, he or she can send you the opt-out notification.

See the latest updates of version 3.8 below!

New Features

  • Source code editing for HTML emails
    Source Code Editing for HTML Emails
  • Unsubscribe link wizard
    Wizard for adding unsubscribe link
  • Display user's role after logging in through password
  • Software lock: Minimize the software window and password is needed to restore the window
    1and1Mail Lock Feature
  • The sequence of email templates can be adjusted
  • Remember last open position in Address Book, Account Manager and Email Templates
    1and1Mail Setting - Remember last open location

Improved Features

  • Support special characters in the name of Email Templates (e.g. Re:)
  • Faster in openning Address Book
  • More editing space when composing a HTML email

Bug Fixes

  • Software freezes when deleting the last email address
  • Cannot delete the emails in Ungrouped
  • Cannot resume tasks if the time on PC is changed
  • Prompt to save plain text email when switching to HTML format
  • Cannot save Macro text in plain text emails

You can download 1and1Mail 3.8 Free Edition here.

You can download 1and1Mail 3.7 Free Edition here.

A tiny mistake in your email marketing campaign can lead to a bad impression and unsubscription from your customers. Here is a checklist for you to review before you send out your email campaign:

  1. Are all the links working and linking to the correct webpages?
  2. Do you provide a plain text version of your email?
  3. Do all the images have alt tags?
  4. Do all your pictures have links and are they linked correctly?
  5. Do you personalize each email?
  6. Do you provide an unsubscribe option in your email?
  7. Do you explain who you are and why your customer should trust you at the beginning of the email?
  8. Are you tracking the clicks in your email using tools like Google Analytics and
  9. Have you cleaned up your list (bounce-backs and unsubscribers from your last email campaign?
  10. Have you tested how your email look in different web email platforms and email clients?


Based on CAN-SPAM laws, it is required that email marketers should provide recipients an option to opt out or unsubscribe from the list. It is not only a matter of etiquette but also a matter of the law that you make this opt-out process as easy as possible.

If you are using email marketing software like 1and1Mail, there are 2 ways to automate this opt-out or unsubscribe process:

I. Insert an unsubscribe email link in each email. e.g. “To unsubscribe, please send an email to”. Check this unsubscribe email regularly and batch remove the unsubscribers from your address book.

In 1and1Mail Email Template Editor,

1. Click “Insert” menu and select “Link”.
2. Select “(other)” in Type.
3. Type “ unsubscribe me from your mailing list.” in URL.

1and1Mail HTML Editor

II. Insert an unsubscribe link in each email that direct the recipient to your website to complete the opt-out process. e.g. “To unsubscribe, please click” The landing page should be able to capture the link parameter and save the email address for further process.

In 1and1Mail Email Template Editor,

1. Click “Insert” menu and select “Link”.
2. Select “http:” in Type.
3. Type something like “[%Email]” in URL. ([%Email] is the Macro text that will be replaced by the real recipient’s email when the mass emails are sent out through 1and1Mail. When the recipient click this link, the landing page should be able to capture the “?unsubscribe=[%Email]” parameter.)

1and1Mail HTML Editor - Insert Link

It does take some effort to build the unsubscribe process at the beginning, but once it is set up, it saves you a lot of time in managing your email marketing campaigns.

Download 1and1Mail 3.2 to start automating your email marketing campaigns!

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