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5 Easy Ways to Reduce Email Spam Rate 

Email Marketing Tips Overview
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  5 Easy Ways To Reduce Email Spam Rate

  • Control email send rate
    • Every ISP has different mailing policies.
    • Do your homework and follow the rules.
    • Always use email marketing software to control the delivery traffic and timing.
  • Write emails with heart
    • Email subject is key.
    • Avoid spam keywords, e.g. “free”, “offers”.
    • Email marketing software can help you personalize every email easily.
  • Clear bounce-back recipients
    • Every ISP keeps a record of your SPAM score.
    • Bounce-back emails affect your score most.
    • You will be blacklisted if you SPAM score falls below a certain level.
  • “Add us to your safe senders list”
    • Always, always ask your recipients to do so!
    • Once you make it once, you make it forever.
    • Tell them exactly how to do it in Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook and Thunderbird.
  • Use trustful SMTP servers
    • Never use direct sending in some software.
    • Avoid using VPS (Virtual Private Server).
    • Use multiple SMTP servers to speed up sending through mass mailing software.
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