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GoDaddy Email Sending Limit and Send Rate 

( Updated in May, 2017 )

Many organizations host their email accounts on Go Daddy servers and hope to send mass emails through Go Daddy SMTP connections. GoDaddy imposes a sending limit or daily quota on every email account depending on which email plan you purchase.

The following steps will help you find out how much quota you have and how many emails you have sent in your Go Daddy email account.

1. In Go Daddy “My Account” Panel, click “Email”

GoDaddy Control Panel

2. Click “Manage Account”.
GoDaddy Manage Account

3. Click the Info Center icon of the email account you want to use.
GoDaddy Email Info Center

4. The numbers under "Messages sent today" indicates your sending quota.
GoDaddy POP and SMTP settings and port number

You can buy more relays per account per day through Go Daddy. But that costs money. Or, you can create more email accounts and use professional email marketing software like 1and1Mail to manage these accounts and send more emails per day.

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