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1and1Mail is an applied e-mail tool that can send emails to large amount of email address with only one click. So you no longer have to spend lots of time sending mass emails.


1and1Mail makes your email special as it comes with an email template downloader, with which you can impress your customers with a customized and professional email template. With this software you can download any web page and convert it into an email template. It is a multi-account manager and reduces the risk of spamming.

- TechieApps

When I say "limited features", you're actually not that limited. I am impressed by what users actually get for free with 1and1Mail: create messages with an easy design editor, customize your messages to recipients, schedule your mailings, import and export contacts, get detailed log reports and no ads attached are to emails.


Great tool for both email marketing beginner and professionals.


Efficiently sends emails directly into intended recipients inbox. The free version is very good for people with basic mailing needs. Considering the features, the personal and professional versions are quite affordable. But it's impossible to buy in Nigeria. All the merchants you use do not accept payments from some countries. Need to work on this.

- Nigerian Seminars and Trainings

A decent program that has some rough edges, but basically does the job at a very reasonable price. I would recommend it to others.

- Marc Cohen, North Country Computer Services

This software is very easy to use, So I love it!!! In Japan, to find such great software is hard.

- Setsuko Koide

I do a lot of web design and online marketing with various software apps. You have a good product.

- Billy Wilbourn

Have been using the software for over 2 months now. I tried the free addition and decided to buy the personal. All I have to say that it is the easiest and best software I found for my needs. It has allot of room for improvement but even with the way it is I'm still happy.

- mr_jcury

Bought it 2 years ago and never regret it. After searching for a long time for a mass mailer, I loved this one do to its easy and clean interface, super easy to use and had all the options I needed at the time. I would love to see more advance options for the newsletter and an opt in and out options for the subscribers.

- mr_jcury

I have communicated with the software author a few times requesting new email marketing features and inquiring technical issues of 1and1Mail. The experience is great. The software author is quite willing to listen to customers and collect feedbacks.

- Jeffrey Blick

The senders automation is priceless and its very effective. Very much worth paying for and upgrading. The support from the staff is wonderful and they have a fast turn around on issues.

- fDot-w

Overall I would recommend the program. I would suggest you download the free version so you can see just how good it is and to make sure it is going to fill your needs.

- Dan Westlake

I have looked at a large number of emailing programs and none of them come close on price. I am looking forward to the updates which will probably alleve any problems I had. Priced very reasonably. I use it extensively when the General Assembly is in session.

- grumpygramps2

Provides all the functionality I need to run a bulk email service for a sports club. Has further capabilities, e.g. HTML formatted mail, which I may need in the future. "Paid for" version cost is very competitive.

- John Simpson

Nice for a small enterprise to connect with people with emails, newsletters.

- princenagi1

It meets my needs, to do relatively small mailings of about 100 for a club.

- asymmetriclad

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