10 Things to Check Before Sending Out Your Email Marketing Campaign

A tiny mistake in your email marketing campaign can lead to a bad impression and unsubscription from your customers. Here is a checklist for you to review before you send out your email campaign:

  1. Are all the links working and linking to the correct webpages?
  2. Do you provide a plain text version of your email?
  3. Do all the images have alt tags?
  4. Do all your pictures have links and are they linked correctly?
  5. Do you personalize each email?
  6. Do you provide an unsubscribe option in your email?
  7. Do you explain who you are and why your customer should trust you at the beginning of the email?
  8. Are you tracking the clicks in your email using tools like Google Analytics and
  9. Have you cleaned up your list (bounce-backs and unsubscribers from your last email campaign?
  10. Have you tested how your email look in different web email platforms and email clients?