1and1Mail 3.4 is launched and added MIME feature

Email MIME HTML and TXT format

After 30-day testing, reviewing customer feedbacks and fixing minor bugs, 1and1Mail is upgraded to version 3.4. Here are the important updates and highlights in the new version:

New Features

  • Able to select each individual recipient in Address Book
    Select Individual Email in 1and1Mail
  • Able to change recipients in sent tasks
  • Able to customize the length of each field in Address Book
    Customize Fields
  • Able to compose MIME (HTML and plain text) in the same email
    Email MIME HTML and TXT format
  • Able to use other email accounts to send email when sending fails
    Sending Failure Resend
  • Able to replicate existing tasks
    Replicate Email Campaign
  • Able to batch export email accounts
  • Able to switch between Reports window and other windows

Improved Features

  • Display the description when mouseover an address group
  • The length of each customized field is increased to 100 bytes
  • Add scroll bar during email account and email addresses import
  • Auto adjust window size when starting a new task
  • Able to copy and export sending reports
    Export Email Sending Reports

Bug Fixes

  • Images cannot be shown if too many pictures are imported
  • Cannot exit when testing email accounts
  • Cannot export email accounts
  • Email testing errors

The complete 1and1Mail changelog can be viewed here.