New Software Release: 1and1Mail v3.1

1and1Mail 3.1 is released on Mar. 5, 2011. Here are the updates and bug fixes to the new version.

  • Added support of import/export Excel files (.xlsx, xls)
  • Added support of local pictures in email newsletters
  • Enhanced system tray feature
  • Enhanced email template management
  • Added support of multi-national character sets (UTF-8, ISO-8859-1, ISO-8859-2, windows-1250, IBM852, GB2312, HZ-GB-2312, Big5, EUC-KR, ISO-2022-KR, EUC-JP, ISO-2022-JP, cp866, ISO-8859-5, KOI8-U, KOI8-R, ISO-8859-8, ISO-8859-8-I, ISO-8859-7, ISO-8859-9, ASMO-708, ISO-8859-6, windows-1256, ISO-8859-4, windows-1257, ISO-8859-3, windows-1258, IBM775)
  • Enhanced email settings (reply-to address, request read receipt, priority, sender, etc.)
  • Improved HTML email support
  • Some bug fixing

Please download it here.