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What is Adjusted Open Rate (AOR)?

In the analytics reports, email marketers will see a term called “Adjusted Open Rate” (AOR) under the Open Tracking tab. Sometimes the figure is the same as Open Rate, but sometimes it is larger. Why? We need to go back to the mechanism of...
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1and1Mail 4.1 provides click reports for email marketers to analyze the effectiveness of email campaigns

We have made two significant enhancements in 1and1Mail 4.1. 1. Click report is provided: based on the feedbacks of 1and1Mail 4.0, we understand that open report is far from enough. To get a deeper understanding of clients and improve email marketing campaigns,...
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1and1Mail 4.0 allows email marketers to track open rates in email campaigns

Email marketers are always facing the problems of reporting to their bosses of how effective the email campaigns are and how to improve their campaigns based on statistics. 1and1Mail 4.0 adds the open rate tracking feature which helps email marketers...
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1and1Mail 3.9 can auto remove bounced and unsubscribed emails

Two important functions have been added to 1and1Mail v3.9: 1. Automatically remove bounced and unsubscribed emails from your mailing list: 2. Support content spin and make every of your emails look different:   Other enhancements include: 1. Support...
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