7 Secrets of Successful Marketing Campaigns

The cruel fact is that it takes a marketer more than 10 years to really grasp the essence of writing a successful marketing campaign. What is the secret behind? A successful marketing campaign is a piece of message that is able to seize customers’ attention, convey clear instructions, and get customers to follow what you want.

The following seven elements reveal the secrets inside a persuasive marketing campaign. See how many you have missed:

A for Attention: Attention is the foundation of everything. Once you lose it, you lose it all. If you are sending mass emails to your customers, make sure you catch your customers’ attention in the email subject. Use professional email marketing software like 1and1Mail and MailChimp to personalize each email message and test different styles of subjects.

B for Benefits: What’s in it for me? People need to fight for resources to survive. According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, people seek for food, safety, love, self-esteem and self-actualization. Do you really know what your customers want? What needs do your products or services satisfy?

C for Credibility: Why should I trust you? Why should I trust what you say? Do other people trust you? Present your expertise in your area. Be specific. Sometimes, revealing a few of your weaknesses can boost your credibility. Therefore, be honest.

D for Difference: Why should I choose you, not others? What can you do differently than others? Make the difference tangible. Keep in mind that people may not need the best product or service, but the most suitable one.

E for Evidence: Provide strong evidences. Half of human’s brain is for logical thinking. Make your evidence easy to understand. Do not make customers think.

F for Fair +: Is it a fair deal? People are always looking for spending less and getting more. That’s how we stay alive and continue to thrive. The more you provide, the more people are likely to buy. So prove it to me.

G for Go: Add “Call To Action” at the end. It is easily ignored by many marketers. Even Apple’s marketers made such kind of mistakes! Make the action easy to do. Otherwise, you waste all the efforts before. Not doing anything is always safer than doing something different offered by you. Safety is always on people’s top priority. Therefore, ask your customers to make a little step forward. Once they get started, it is much easier for them to follow through.

These 7 secrets above can also act as a checklist for every marketer to review their marketing campaign before printing out the ad or sending out mass emails. Want to complete the above list from H-Z? Leave your comment below.