FAQ: Norton Antivirus Reports 1and1Mail Has Security Risk

Norton restore

1and1Mail has been verified by 36 well-known antivirus software, including Kaspersky, McAfee, NOD32, Trend Micro, and BitDenfender, that it is free from any kind of virus (View Scan Report). However, Norton Antivirus may still report 1and1Mail is of some security risk and remove the installation file or execution file of 1and1Mail. It may be due to the following reasons:

1. 1and1Mail 3.3 is just released (in Mid May) and the file is very new.

2. 1and1Mail needs to connect to Internet to verify your SMTP server and send mass emails. Norton considers such kind of new program requesting Internet access as suspicious.

3. To prevent pirated version, 1and1Mail does reports your IP address and registration code to our server to verify your identity. It ensures you are using the genuine version of 1and1Mail and your money is spent at the right place. Norton may consider collecting such kind of user information as suspicious and remove the program.

Here are 4 simple steps to resolve the problem:

1. Right click the Norton system tray icon and select “View Recent History“.
View history - Norton
2. Find the Quarantined 1and1Mail execution file or installation file (edm free.exe, edm personal.exe, edm business.exe, or edm ultimate.exe). Click “Restore & Options“.
Norton restore

3. Select “Restore & exclude this file”.
Norton: exclude files

4. Click “Yes’
Norton: confirm quarantine file