How to Send as a Different Email Address in 1and1Mail?

To maximize the email deliverability of a mass mailer, many email marketers sign up for multiple email accounts in order to exceed the daily quota and send more emails per day. Oftentimes, they would like to customize the "Sender's Email" and make it look like all mails are sent from one account. 1and1Mail do offer such kind of functionality (Setting -> Default -> Sender's Email). However, nowadays, as more and more people misuse this feature to steal money in the guise of a legitimate and well-known company, many email service provider has disable this feature and would always show to the recipient the real email account that is sending the email.

The rise of phishing emails block the way of customizing your sender's address. What does a phishing email look like?

We’ve included an actual example below. The phishing email has been captured as an image, so hotlinks are disabled. In this attempt, cybercriminals were trying to get Shahin to enter his Facebook credentials, purportedly to register another address, so they could capture his real Facebook credentials and take over his account.

Description: C:\Documents and Settings\tdemay.CBCORP\Desktop\FB-phishing-scam.gif

Key email phishing tip offs:

·         The “From” field: always look at the actual “mail to” address shown in brackets. In the example, notice it is NOT an address.

·        Spelling Errors: Bad grammar and spelling can be immediate indicators of a phishing scam. Large companies have marketing teams and proofreaders that catch most of these errors before emails get sent.

·         The Hotlink: If you hover over the link shown in the body of the email, you can see where the URL will actually take you. In the example, notice it is NOT a domain.

o   Some cybercriminals will go a step further to make their URL look ok at first glance.  For example, by registering a domain name called (using zeros instead of the letter O).