How to send mass mail?

      Mass sending of hundreds or thousands of emails is not difficult at all for ordinary mail marketers, because enterprise mailboxes, VIP mailboxes and even ordinary mailboxes can achieve this. The difficulty of sending mass e-mail is not in the quantity. There are many ways and means to realize great quantity. For example, to use a mass e-mail platform or a mass e-mail software. Software is the most common and cost-effective way at present.
      For the mass mailing personnel who use the software for the first time, the process of establishing the mass mailing task may not be so smooth. However, following the tutorial steps will help make it. You may encounter such problems as email returning or sending suspension and termination, most of which are because your operation is not skilled enough.
      It is important to use the mass email software skillfully. In fact, the software is not a tool that can avoid the detection mechanism of the mailbox. On the contrary, the software needs to be updated and improved continually to ensure that emails can be sent out smoothly. The premise of mass e-mail sending is that you must comply with relevant law, handle with the development of spam mechanism, try to regularize the content of the e-mail (no advertising, etc.), and even require further      improvement to make the mail very personalized. Software will help.
       Mass e-mail should have quite personalized content, which is the basis for obtaining a better mass-sending effect. No matter what e-mail address is used for mass sending, QQ e-mail or Netease e-mail, we should make full use of the major mass sending functions of the software, such as automatic replacement of IP, insertion of variable editing and so on to make your email content personalized. Properly using the software you can easily send thousands or tens of thousands of emails a day. This is the key to good results.