How to write a good email enquiry?

1and1Soft receives many email enquiries every day. Even for 1and1Mail Free Edition users, we still try to answer all of their questions and solve their technical problems. However, some emails do not clearly specify the situation they encounter, so there are lots of "Re:s" and "Fw:s" back and forth, causing the delay of the final solution.

Therefore, here we would like to propose a few things that would facilitate the communication:

1. 1and1Mail FAQ page is a good resource to find the quick solution. Customers are very welcome to check the page first.

2. 1and1Mail QuickStart Guide and Video Demo vividly demonstrate the important steps to set up accounts and start the first email campaign step by step. These instructions are very helpful for non-tech people to get started with the software.

3. When there is a need to send an email enquiry, it is highly recommended a screenshot of the situation you encounter can be included in the email. It can help 1and1Soft software team to identify the problem much faster.

4. If possible, also include the screenshot of the "Task Log" (right click the task and choose "Task Log", and capture the "Recipient" tab).

5. Tell us what type of email accounts you are using. Free email accounts (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, etc.), paid email accounts (e.g. GoDaddy) and company email accounts do vary a lot in the capabilities in sending mass emails.

6. Tell us your settings in 1and1Mail. What is the time lag / time interval? How many emails have you sent out per day?

Following the above instructions can help both of us solve the problem as quickly as possible and make your email marketing more efficient.