Personalized Internet Marketing

1and1Mail allows email marketers to personalize each email message to their recipients. Other than email marketing, let's look at more cases on how personalization has been applied to the Internet.

Personalized Marketing

1. Personalized Search: In the past, everybody saw the same results when they searched the same keyword. Nowadays, search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, are monitoring your search history, search patterns and signals from your social networks to personalize your search results.

2. Personalized Recommenders: People have different favors. It is not effective to show everyone the same items when they visit your online store. So far, Amazon has done the best job in predicting what you want and like based on your click streams and purchase history. When you revisit their website or in your email inbox, you can see personalized recommendations every day.

3. Personalized Price: Different people have different price sensitivity. With technology, websites are able to know the customer better and offer them the best price at the right time to boost sales.

4. Integration of Personalization Strategies: Of course, if a site can apply all of the above personalized strategies together, it can achieve the best conversion rate. Apparently, Amazon is a good model to study. Check out their Today's Deals, Wish Lists, Browsing History and email marketing campaigns once in a while, and you can learn a lot about personalized Internet Marketing skills.

On the other hand, personalization may introduce privacy concerns for some users. Marketers should watch out local rules when implement relevant online marketing strategies.

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