1and1Mail v4.5 added more beautiful email templates

We added many beautiful email templates to download in v4.5. Lots of users are quite looking forward to this new feature. Now you can learn from the best email designers in the world and adapt those designs to your email campaigns. Check them out! New...
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1and1Mail 4.2 allows you to set sending limit per hour and provides IP location in the open and click reports

1and1Mail v4.2 involves various improvements in many aspects: New Features Show account’s last status Support setting sending limit per hour(s) Show locations based on IPs in the open and click report Support customizing sending sequence Email signature...
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New Software Release: 1and1Mail v2.7

1and1Mail 2.7 is released on Jun. 14, 2009. Here are the updates and bug fixes to the new version. Added support for multiple attachments Added support for inserting more variables (e.g. recipients’ names and company names) in email subjects to...
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