1and1Mail 5.1 allows you to resume tasks easily

1and1Mail 5.1 can record when the sending progress and help you to resume the task easily after reboot or when the internet is back to normal. New Features Resume task where it stops last time One click to remove failed accounts Add links to solutions...
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1and1Mail 4.2 allows you to set sending limit per hour and provides IP location in the open and click reports

1and1Mail v4.2 involves various improvements in many aspects: New Features Show account’s last status Support setting sending limit per hour(s) Show locations based on IPs in the open and click report Support customizing sending sequence Email signature...
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1and1Mail 4.1 provides click reports for email marketers to analyze the effectiveness of email campaigns

We have made two significant enhancements in 1and1Mail 4.1. 1. Click report is provided: based on the feedbacks of 1and1Mail 4.0, we understand that open report is far from enough. To get a deeper understanding of clients and improve email marketing campaigns,...
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