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1and1Mail 3.9 can auto remove bounced and unsubscribed emails

Two important functions have been added to 1and1Mail v3.9: 1. Automatically remove bounced and unsubscribed emails from your mailing list: 2. Support content spin and make every of your emails look different:   Other enhancements include: 1. Support...
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Can beautiful email templates help your email marketing conversion rate?

A core feature of nearly every email provider is the ability to design great email templates. Well-known email marketing companies even make this a core part of their messaging with their tagline “Send beautiful email newsletters.” I believe...
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10 Things to Check Before Sending Out Your Email Marketing Campaign

A tiny mistake in your email marketing campaign can lead to a bad impression and unsubscription from your customers. Here is a checklist for you to review before you send out your email campaign: Are all the links working and linking to the correct webpages?...
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