1and1Mail v4.8 optimizes the database and is 10x faster than before!

One of the biggest problem in 1and1Mail old version is that if you import 500K emails in a single file into the software, most likely, 1and1Mail will freeze and crash. It’s because 1and1Mail was using the outdated Microsoft Access database. However,...
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New Software Release: 1and1Mail v3.1

1and1Mail 3.1 is released on Mar. 5, 2011. Here are the updates and bug fixes to the new version. Added support of import/export Excel files (.xlsx, xls) Added support of local pictures in email newsletters Enhanced system tray feature Enhanced email...
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1and1Mail Free Lifetime Upgrade

1. How much does upgrade cost? Upgrading 1and1Mail is free forever! We, like you, hate ongoing costs (monthly charge, yearly renewal fee, etc.). Therefore, starting from 1and1Mail 3.0, we have decided to make 1and1Mail upgrade free forever. 2. If it is...
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